High Performance Solar Power Hybrid Inverter

High Performance Solar Power Hybrid Inverter

Additional information

Output Type

Single, Triple


DC/AC Inverters

Inverter Efficiency


Input Voltage

140VDC ~ 1000VDC

Output Voltage

220/380V 230/400V

Output Current


Output Frequency

50Hz / 60Hz, 50/60Hz


CE, IEC62109, G83, VDEO126-1-1, G59, AS 4777

Product Information

The MOD inverter three-phase energy storage inverter designed for residential and small industrial applications. inverter is also equipped with a range of advanced features that make it easy to install and use. It has a user-friendly interface that allows homeowners and installers to monitor system performance and adjust settings as needed. The inverter is also compatible with a range of monitoring systems, including WiFi, Ethernet, and RS485.

Residential PV Inverter
3-15kW 2 MPPTs Three Phase
* Max. efficiency 98.6%
* OLED and Touch button
* Type II SPD on DC and AC side
* String Monitoring
* AFCI optional
The Growatt MOD inverters have 2 MPPT, Type II SPD on DC and AC side, string monitoring, and Arc-Fault Circuit Interrupter (AFCI) function. The Growatt MOD inverters have a 10 years product warranty.
The Growatt MOD series is the latest 3-phase inverter solution designed specifically for residential use. The MOD series features an aesthetically pleasing, compact design that will add visual appeal to your home. With an outstanding efficiency of up to 98.3%,the Growatt MOD 3-phase inverter is a smart choice that offers great performance at an excellent price point.

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