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Nowadays, TTNergy is powering millions of homes and businesses in over 83 countries. We are helping reduce electricity bills for the PEOPLE and carbon emissions for the Planet. It’s not a passing phase, storing renewable energy is here now and it’s growing faster than ever.

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Development And Origin Of TTNergy

After several years of hard work and rapid development in China, “TTNergy” was established on 1994, and officially entered the field of wire harness automation equipment, responding to the call of our General Secretary Xi Jinping on the Belt and Road Initiative, in 2021 this year In May, we registered “TTNergy ” to serve foreign friends. We have been going, insisting on making every part of the equipment, insisting on testing and testing every equipment that leaves the factory, insisting that sales are only the starting point and service is never The concept of the end point, to make friends with every user in the world

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