Deep Cycle Battery 200Ah AGM Solar Lead Acid Battery

Deep Cycle Battery 200Ah AGM Solar Lead Acid Battery

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TTN Lead Acid Battery

Deep Cycle Solar Battery


1.Grid refining technology and the thicker
2.plates are used to extend the battery standby and reduce the plate grid corrosion speed
4.Unique vent valve design: control water losing,prevent air and spark going inside

5. Unique sealed insulation joint output device: solve the battery problem of short circuit and wet etching process can even short-term use underwater, Using oxygen recombination technology:maintenance-free
6. Excellent performance: the use of special alloy materials and lead to cream formula, deep discharge has strong capacity to restore performance
7. Charging accept ability: imported low resistance materials and advanced production technology, small end of charging current, has the strong ability of charging to accept
8. Use the wide temperature range: -30 ℃ to 50 ℃
9. Long service life: using gel electrolyte, no acid stratification, long service life6. Green environmental protection: the battery does not contain in the recipe for the environment pollution and recovery of cadmium material not easily, and the colloid electrolyte leakage, ensure the battery’s safety and environmental protection

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