1kva-5kva PWM Hybrid Off Grid Solar Inverter

1kva-5kva PWM Hybrid Off Grid Solar Inverter

Additional information

Input Voltage

230 VAC

Output Voltage

230VAC, 110V/120V/220V/230V/240V

Output Current


Output Frequency

50/60 HZ, 50Hz/60Hz auto sensing






1 year



Output power


Product Information

 The PWN Hybrid Off Grid Inverter combines the functions of a 2400W 24V pure sine wave inverter, 50A solar charge controller and a 20A smart battery charger in one unit. This accepts input from solar panels, mains power/ generator and a battery, either from a single or combination of input sources. In addition to its hybrid capability, this innovative inverter features advanced communication functions, along with a menu of custom settings.

Features of 24VDC Inverter

1. Pure sine wave
2. Built-in 50A PWM solar charge controller
3. Selectable input voltage range for home appliances and personal computers.
4. Selectable charging current based on applications
5. Configurable AC/Solar input priority via LCD setting
6. Compatible to mains voltage or generator power
7. Auto restart while AC is recovering
8. Overload and short circuit protection
9. Smart battery charger design for optimized battery performance
10. Charges AGM, Gel & Flooded Lead Acid batteries.


AC voltage regulation 230VAC ±5%
Surge power 6000VA
Efficiency (peak) 90%-93%
Transfer time 10ms (for personal computers)
20ms (for home appliances)
Waveform: Pure sine wave

Battery & AC Charger

Input Battery voltage: 24VDC
Floating charge voltage: 27VDC
Overcharge protection: 31VDC
Input AC Voltage 230V
Maximum charging AC current 20A

Solar Charger

Maximum Solar array input power: 1200W
Input voltage range: 30-80V DC
Maximum solar array open circuit voltage: 80VDC
Maximum solar charging current: 50A
Maximum efficiency: 98%
Standby power consumption: 2W


Dimensions: 128 x 272 x 355mm
Net weight: 7.5~13.5kgs

Warranty: 1 year

Recommended batteries 2 x 12V 100A connected in Series for 24V Inverter input.
Higher Amp rated batteries may be needed depending on appliance rating and for how long in use to prevent over discharging batteries.

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